It's not Rocket Science

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Author martyr
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Created 2007-03-29
Last Modified 2007-03-29
by 14 people.
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I spent ALOT of time on this... Its a HRDDA.
Did I mention it's my first?

+Variety of enemies
+variety of propulsion...(I beleive i used all)
+Nice close calls
+sort of fast
+alot of effort.
+nice Tileset
-alot gold delay(for the propulsion)
-Blocked off enemies...
-a few too many launchpads.

I do love the beginning, even though it's overused.
Spent 7 hrs. over 2 weeks making.

A ded to my NUMA friends, and one real:

And w/o further ado, RCE!

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And it's au contraire : P

oh contrare.

Glitched doors in the middle, see it.
and in the top right

You missed some.

You didn't use glitched tile or glitched door propulsion!


There was too much gold delay for my liking. Yet it was cool. 3.5/5



Friend? Dude, I don't even know you.

lolz hug. <3


It reminded me of usaswim's one awhile ago, which was really good as well. Keep it up with the DDAs. I'll sub one soon too.


why the crap did i put a demo :-/
as long as it is done in moderation. This is toeing the line quite nicely. nice close calls and keep up the good work. 4.5
Demo Data


and thank you remote for the criticism. i seriously appreciate it!



Thanks Taylor

I mena 10tacle who i never met...


iv watched this dda being made and this is an amazing dda i liked it better than some of the other ones u gota nack kid. 5/5
forgot to add u. 1 sec, and yea, it was hard not to use GD
you will be able to use less gold delay. this is still amazing for a first(and just overall)4.5.