Mines, mines, always mines!!!

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Author Terroristzero
Tags author:terroristzero dda rated
Created 2005-05-29
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description My first basic dda, just rate it above 2 and i'll be happy!!

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Not bad

but it could use more enemies. Heck, even my maps had more enemies than this. Well, a more widespread variety at least. check it out.

the only problem

too short, too simple. 3/5. but good job
I would not have rated it a 4/5. Although my stupid DDAs don't have any monsters, you could consider putting in some monsters. I could consider it too.


it was okay. simple but doesn't take too much skill. the mines don't really do much, but they add a little, i guess.
overall, a simple DDA. but if you were to use trap doors instead of some launch pads, it would make it look better.