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...must have taken you a while. A great tileset though, so it was definetly worth your time. good job. 4/5.


5 and fav.

NIce tileset.
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that was so funny i forgot to laugh. o wait



Way to steal Zorn's demo.

Now that I get it, thats hilarious.


Not its not.


I have no idea what your getting at.

My demo: 1236

Your demo: 1709

Thats quite a difference.

no i am

i owned you by 675 frames!!! ;) (wonder how long b4 ppl realise ;))


and in my last demo, I sounded like I lost, but I am the current holder of the fastest demo. Just thought I'd like to put that out there.

Wow doghouse

That is pure pwnage.

You pwned me by negative 675 frames. AND YOU MISSED ONE PEICE OF GOLD?!?!?!?

We are in the presence of God here people.


move over. I owned your demos, off course with a little bribe from my friend to help me win ;) but other than that i think i prove my point. Im pretty good at playing n now.
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I am damn proud of this demo.
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Oh its on.

Whew. That was fun.
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Did I mention 5/5?

Great map.

Fastest ADG

Yep, fastest yet.
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Oh yeah.

Well, thats it for me. All gold and uber fast.
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Missed some gold.

But its a bit faster.
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Love this map! Great tileset, fun gameplay, perfect difficulty. 5
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Trying to get a really nice demo. That said, I failed because I suck at N, but I will get a demo up soon. This map is one of my all time favorites and deserving of the time.


5/5 for tileset. 4.5/5 for gameplay. Total = 5/5. I really like the ribcage part.


very impressive! 5/5

4/5 5/5?

tileset's cool 5/5
4/5 for the gameplay though, Impressive demo!

Not sure

how long this will be up, but here was my inspiration:


Not as fast as is possible, but you'll get the idea
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Oh my....

now _that_ is impressive.