How Deep is Your Love?

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Author martyr
Tags author:martyr playable puzzle rated
Created 2007-04-01
Last Modified 2007-04-02
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description Very fun collect the doors style map, i think its new.
The more doors you get, the better you are, there are 10, and
the final one has 3 gold next to it.
Credits to 10tacle- for the 3 tile on the bars...
He told me to...
The tilesets a Beaut
10tacle says its drop dead gorgeous.

For SNDT #1, theme, the Bee Gee's...

look at me!!!


Do It!!

I RESUBbed because i got 2 votes, but a 4.5 and 5!

Really fun idea, try to get all exits

I think its mostly puzzle

I will savor this moment, 2 maps on TR-Playable. Thanks guys, i love!

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meh... kinda: :D


Sure, you can use the idea. =]

fast as i go.

got alot of rates overnight
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But this is much better executed. 4.5/5

cool idea

i tried to make a dda using this concept but i gave up, i might try again. cool
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It was a sequel to "N the Minesweeper." You beat me to it. =]

5aved. (AGD-1)
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ROFL @ my demo

Demo Data

slow agd.

Demo Data


this could almost be a race.


Nice one boi.
Demo Data
pad stops the dancing and makes it playable again

Agd demo, can be improved!
Demo Data


play it in debug mode. its the only way.

awesome map. Love it.


How does it works? I won't rate it now, but it sounds cool.
how do you come up with this innovativeness.
And i admit it, i did place that 3 tile there, yup all me