Did you say mine?

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Author Terroristzero
Tags action author:terroristzero playable unrated
Created 2005-05-30
Last Modified 2005-05-31
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description This level is still being made, but i need feedback, since i don't know what to put next! Please tell me anything that i could add.

Edit; The map has been edited, please comment about it and make suggestions.

Second Edit; Well heres the final version, more or less, it's practically the same as the last edit. I might tweak it a little in the future...

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It's been edited

Well now it's been edited, so comment, and i'll edit in about 15 minits (cheers for the polka dot tip!)

About clustering

I actually like to put in more mines than you need, because of the death effects. But I usually use an attractive 'polka dot' arrangement where every other mine is deleted. But always keep it as minimal as you can while still looking good.

Plus, on normal snap, a line of mines with one snap space inbetween each one is enough to stop the ninja getting through.


i won't rate it because it's incomplete. it looks good, but clustering.... greatly
discriminated against. well, i just hate it, but i must say, it's a pretty nice
firework show when you hit those mines! :D


Looks good. But clustering! You only need about 10% of those mines you have there. And 2 gausses in one location at the most.