Angkor Wat

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Author Zorn
Tags action author:zorn playable rated
Created 2005-05-31
by 50 people.
Map Data

Description Highest level of difficulty. There are two trap switches that will make your life marginally easier, but are unnecessary. The zap drones get down into bottom section at the worst possible time. Much praise to anyone with
a completed demo. Anyone who completes the level without looking
like a fool stumbling all over the place is a god.

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come back man


I used to hate..

symmetrical maps for its lack of originality..
and i still do..
but this, by far is the only exception..
Flawless/Perfect (5)

All Gold Demo

This took a while...
Demo Data


i can't believe this is a 3.

A run

Not as fast... but hey...
Demo Data
I can't help but think that the impeccable drone timing was a fluke. Then again, I shall rate the map itself, regardless of if it was just lucky or not.
I want to give you a five - I really do. My problem is that I just really didn't want to play this map. The awkward jumps drew me away.
Anyway, 4/5. Keep up the fantastic work.
Someday, I will have my own demo...keep messing up the end section.

Fairly fast run.

Great map, cool tileset. Nice timing with the drones.
Demo Data


really nice level. I think I can definately beat it, just a little later when I have more time. Looks GREAT though, and plays wonderfully. A true work of art. 5/5.