Gravity Warp

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Author Sendy
Tags author:sendy bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-06-01
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description If you try and think of this as gravity distortion, as opposed to just slanted tiles, it really starts to do your head in XD

It's a difficult level with a couple of expert jumps, but I tried to make it not too hard.

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NIce one. I complete it REALLY quick.


PS: coldcut: i don't believe that's your first try at all. I think that you've been playing the level a lot and within an hour or two, you realize you were a newbie so you post the furthest you came and name it as your "first try" so that no one would judge you. I judge you.
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first try

i got confused. this map reminds me of another map i played recently.... one still needs 2 votes.. hmmmmm.. it was a really good map, made by someone who usually makes awesome maps.......

sorry cant think of it now.
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They just kinda fill the space. Plus sometimes I die to them. They make the floorguard bit a bit harder as well. But not much :D


but why all the thwumps?

super 5/5

super 5/5
super 5/5
super 5/5
super 5/5