Roundabout Ride

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Author Cheesy2
Tags author:cheesy2 playable race rated
Created 2005-06-01
Last Modified 2005-06-01
by 5 people.
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Description NOTE: I am aware this sucks. This is, once again, something I spent little time and only a few playtests on. But please try it before rating it. I'd like to see what to improve on.

Anyways, this race has no enemies in it, just a few mines, though these WILL impede your travel a bit. And those gold-lined things are shortcuts, but they aren't always safe.
EDIT: Fixed the one-ways. Thanks, Sendy.

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It's the slope

Move the one ways to the right 1 square and you should be OK.

What the fish?

Fregging bugs. Well, go the other way, then. >>
See demo
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