9-4 Perplexia

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Author great_sea
Tags action author:great_sea playable rated
Created 2005-06-02
Last Modified 2005-06-02
by 11 people.
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Description This really isn't too puzzling, but it's not quite action-packed either. You may find it kind of evil, but mainly because of the legnth and room for little errors. I would love to see some completions. Feedback is much appreciate.

More from my saga of episodes can be found here:

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I was just going to post at the forum that you should put 9-4 on NUMA.


i really liked this, a lot. the teleporter at the bottom was genius.

a few things letitdown for me:

it's a *little* too long; annoying when you die so close to the end and feels a little repetitive this way.

the tile set looks awesome, but is restrictive.

minor niggles aside, a solid 4/5.


thanks a bundle, Dark_Demolisher, you don't know how happy I am to see that you like my episodes and actually care enough to tell me! I am working on a continuation of the saga right now... I think the second column will be better than the first, but I may not finish it for a couple weeks.


feels more like an action, though.
i love the use of those teleporters!
your saga has been really great. really enjoying 'em.