Mine'd the gap

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Author Terroristzero
Tags author:terroristzero playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-06-02
Last Modified 2005-06-02
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Here's another one of my levels with a lame name, this time however, it's a puzzle, so happy findings!!!

Oh, and i want demo's!!!

(hint: Don't hit the mines)

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I see your point, i'll try not to do that in future, we all have to learn some day -_-

No, TZ

If you didn't have mines under the blocks it might be good.
Also, this is not a puzzle in the least bit. It's a trial and error map, and nobody likes those.


nothing special :P and maybe a bit too hard for some

The Whole Point

is that it's a PUZZLE you have to try out all the blocks until you find the right one, if it didn;t have anything underneath, then it would be boring!
Because there are so many mines in a bounce block there, it is really hard
Demo Data

don't hit mines...

okay, i *think* i get it...