Exigent Dreamscape

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Author great_sea
Tags action author:great_sea playable rated
Created 2005-06-03
Last Modified 2005-06-03
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description N is trapped in a dream...

(thanks to Atramentis for the tileset)

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This map is gnarly.

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sorry i guess i spoke too fast. ahh i see good job man, i just was confused. okay i like it more now


did you watch the demo I posted?


i dont get this at all. sorry i dont like. it was a good effort i guess, ah whatever i wont rate

Very nice map

heh. Really fun...oh go on then, have a 5.


I only have one account.


i love it! great creativity. love the going-up-slope-hit-launch-pad-to-go-back-down part.
and i do love that death box, as Atramentis said. excellent!


Thanks alot man! It makes you have to be really light-footed when you are on it or else you might get zapped/rocket'd. I want to try and expound on the concept somehow in a future map.


I love that crazy death box in the middle :D. 5/5


I really love the way this map works, and if you don't quite understand it, then please watch this demo. Please tell me what you think of the map, too. :-D
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