Holey Socks

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Author 15
Tags action author:15 playable rated
Created 2007-04-19
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description A quickie. Took about 15 mins. One of my better maps. Fastest agd gets a ded!

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Hehe, MastaMind me fair and square. We'll meet again someday... >.>


maybe i should give 2 to masta_mind because he won.

congratz to us both

that competition was awesome
Nice job zeroprophet


Ded goes to Masta_Mind and Zero_Prophet (you'll get one each). Nice competition :)


Agh... I've tried for nearly an hour straight, but I can't even beat my own time, let alone yours. I believe I have reached the end of my rope.

Congratulations, fellow ninja. Your kung-fu is best.

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atleast. =D
Demo Data


its so close lol. I'll have another sooner or later! ;)

Not so fast!

The competition heats up... I'm not dead in the water yet, but I'm running out of stamina here... ;)
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in the 20s.
My work here is done. =D
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even faster

sorry for all the demos lol i love this level
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a little better

I got another 624 but missed 1 gold at the same place as last time. I get get in the 20s...>:(
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i thought i had you with the 45 one. that 38 demo is impressive
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Raising the bar... lowering the standards? Hmm...
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One Frame

*One Frame*...!

I hope Walrus doesn't hate me for the snipe. Here, in all fairness, if somehow this score stands, do a double-DED to me and Walrus. Seeing that I essentially copied his path, it wouldn't be right to be *too* egotistical.

...*still* a fun map, too!
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nice demo :)

if it isn't beaten by tomorrow, ded goes to w_o_d


Nice map. It's one of the few small, clustered maps I like. 4/5


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So close...
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MastaMind beat me before I even finished typing. I'll give it a few more shots but I think I've met my match.

Further competition

This was a blast to run through... though I do admit I died many more times than could be considered healthy, all in the sake of AGD.

Oh yeah, 753 frames. I know someone will trounce me soon enough, but why not give it a shot?
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Demo Data

A bit faster.

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bit easier than i thought it would be. really fun though.
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