It's another brussel sprout!

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Author Sweep
Tags action author:sweep playable rated
Created 2005-06-03
by 12 people.
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Description Mostly pretty routine apart from the bit with three thwumps which takes a bit of deftness with the jump key... but it shouldn't be too hard.

Post your fastest.

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I dunno. Not to kill everyones flow or anything, but I think that it is way too leady. Aka leads you too much I prefer a map that you get to choose what you do.
Besides that, still its a great map. Nice job.
(P.S. I'm back*for a bit* to rate some maps).

1 more vote need

errm i decide what you get.. A BIG FAT 0 HAHAHAHAHAAHA..........

jk :) you get a 5. duh


cool stuff man, really cool. I love that part where you have a thwump directly behind you and you need to jump between a missle and two mines, lol. :D <--- that smiley really describes the emotion it gives me.
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I love this forever. This is the most fun I've had on a map for a while...this demo is my third time of completetion and only time I had thought to record a demo, so its hardly a godly time, but oh well. Anyway, if youve even read this far I think you know that a 5 is definitely in order.
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Fun flow.
Funny, five-fifty five... uh, on my demo.
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Try jumping over to the left side, but not going to the top, to the bottom bit and doing a loop round INTO the hole.

If that doesn't help, watch my demo. Strangely enough I didn't find that bit too hard...


excellent! i love the flow. very fun.
i can't get a demo though :(
too hard to go inside to the tunnels with the missle trailing behind me.


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