On My Own

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Author moshpit2010
Tags action author:moshpit2010 playable unrated
Created 2007-04-22
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Description Stayed awake all night toss and turnin'
Now my blood shot eyes are burnin'
Workin' out why this ain't workin'
Fight after fight after fight
And now it's killin' me
You were too busy to believe in
All the run away dreams I was dreamin'
Time to pack up and go I'm leavin'
Fight after fight after fight

Comments and Critique are appreciated. ^_^


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like the n-art

more than simple


Similar tiles. I wish I had played that map before making this one - the curl in genius.

Thanks, mate! I really appreciate that. As always, thank you for the thurough comment with helpful pinpointing critique. ^_^



great use of mines & gausses lol tilez


I ESPECIALLY like the way the snapping of the mine line works with the tileset, as well as the sweet OP as seven_two said..

my first demo

AG-death demo, those last bits were my undoing... great use of the drone and gausses, difficulty is on the low side but it still takes skill to get through, one of my favorites of yours, this is. 4.5aved.
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Object placement is cool.