A New Beginning

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Author Sockmonkey
Tags author:sockmonkey playable rated survival
Created 2007-04-26
Last Modified 2008-04-15
by 6 people.
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Description edit: Now try Evil ;)

Resub: I forgot to say "NO JUMP"!

As to the name of my map. It is now my first map. I have deleted all of my older maps, and hope to be making better ones.


As to the map.

It's a NO JUMP! <-- I forgot to say last time =

What you've got to do is survive for the longest time possible. But, in a certain order and completing as many 'laps' as possible.

I've placed three chunks of gold. and the to complete a 'lap' you have to collect all three IN ORDER. Not randomly. The single one -- The double ones, then where the third group is, or should be.

To win you have to get the most laps.


Rate it, comment on it (This would make me really happy, especially constructive criticism) and of course, Enjoy it ;)

I hope you like it.



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Do you want to make a couple of collab maps with me for my Map pack?

Oh... Yeah, well...

Didn't get all gold.

Maybe one of the most addicting maps?
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Loved It


I did it!!!

AGD with a lap. Trick is to get the rocket to circle past u then go down 2, and make it do it again.
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Well done ;)

It's for fun, not to cheat. Personal gain.
And see how long you can survive


skrew you and your "laps"
still cheatable.
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This is as close as I can get :-P
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You've got to get to the place where the 3rd piece of gold is to complete a lap -- Even though you've already gone through it.


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