A Rush of Blood to the Head

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Author rocket_thumped
Tags author:rocket_thumped bitesized dronie-win featured medium no-jump playable race rated
Created 2007-04-27
Last Modified 2009-11-05
by 114 people.
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Description Dedicated to epigone.

No Jump

Its a NO JUMP race, meaning you cant press that jump button! Basically I wanted to dedicate this to epigone because I see him play a lot of my maps. I appreciate it a lot, I really do. Thanks, <3. Ive been making this for around 3 weeks. I included a demo. Enjoy.

Race Map of the Year in 2007.

This map was featured on 2012-10-03

With the chords of a piano thundering, you take one step over the edge. You get ready to take the plunge towards victory. As soon as you do that, a powerful guitar riff blasts from the abyss. You jump, screaming "Honey!" With all these movements you try to make, you hope that you do not crumble and fall on your face. No mistakes can be made, as you disappear without a trace. Without them beckoning you on, you've already started as you need to go. For this, blame it all upon a rush of blood to the head.

- 1211 [] — Aidiera

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Not true eganic

If the race is good, the flow should be very intuitive and not require more than one try or two to complete.

I hate races

Its just guess-and-check to play

The top rocket sometimes fires significantly earlier, and the trapdoors are a bit sudden. Other than that it's perfect. So who's gonna be the first to do a jumping demo?
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lol coz thats how the song gos

Nice race. Quite fun.
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also arachnid should put a dronies link similar to the featured maps link on people's profile page so that i could have played this earlier




Seriously blown away with the flow of this one. Definitely one of the best races I've ever played, and it is inspiring, too. 5aved!

Also, I love the title. Great album/song from Coldplay!
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cool as well

but the trapdoors that appear buggers me up every time. It comes out of no where too much, and ruins an otherwise intuitive flow. The rest is very cool though. I remember it from a few years back.
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i gave the 100th vote :D :D :D

So peaceful

is a no-jump race


its like a rollercoaster!
although I find I always have to stop before the top rocket else I die. That's minor though probably my fault this is what all races should be like inventive, clever, dronie worthy
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I jumped, guess the joke's on you!

But seriously, this map is awesome. I love the timing of the thwumps, it's just amazing. Five out of five.
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Pretty fast agd.

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My favorite part is

the timing of the thwumps.
Just brilliant.
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do i keep getting killed by that rocket?
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just going through my favorited levels
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Demo Data


but way too easy....still,5aved

Oh, I love this so

You're doing all these things I've wanted to do but not had the map-making skill to pull of, and made one of my favorite levels ever. Gotta be in my top 10. 5aved

Shortcutted. that even a word?
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beautiful level

I really like the multi-tasking thwumps. 5
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Demo Data


It was surprisingly fast for a no jump, and it had great flow.
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Demo Data


Nobody will think you sniped it. Don't fall under peer pressure and be forced to rate what other people rate. An honest rating is a rating you believe, ignoring other people, this map deserves. Besides, the maps on top rated are usually very close together. This map probably has an average rating of 4.67 or something and the map below this probably has about a 4.66. Rating this a 4.5 will lower it a bit, below 4.66 and cause it to fall short of top rated.


Oh, people will rate that all right. Just don't expect people to rate high. You'll be experiencing a lot of 0's if you advertise one of your maps on a top-rated map. Don't advertise here. Advertise on the forums instead.


no matter how much i try this i cant win

(( <-rate please)

Bringing down..

A map by one position is hardly a snipe man. Maybe you should reevaluate your definition.

I was worried

people would think I sniped it >.<

and get sniped myself (which I did, but it could've been something else)

Awesome level

I don't think it should be rated as the best level, but it is still a great level and should at least be in the top 5 races.

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A very fun to play level.
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So cool!

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Excuse my french.