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Author Spook[Donut]
Tags action author:spook[donut] playable rated
Created 2005-06-06
Last Modified 2005-06-08
by 6 people.
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Description Inspired by a candle-holder.
Open to suggestions!

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There and back again


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I had the whole idea in mind, as it was pretty much a candle holder that I saw. The second part was designed to keep the flow. I could even make another spiral...
the enemy placement in the first section is superb, imo. that part was a solid 4/5. the rest of the level felt a little barren, like you'd run out of ideas? idk, regardless, it did fit, but the aesthetics were lacking and i felt let down after such a brilliant beginning.


Enemy Placement

How could I improve it?

The Flow

Is good. Nice one, I gave you a 3.

Excellent tiles

But the enemy placement lets it down a little bit IMO.


I'll take it out.


It was going perfectly... until I encountered the hidden mine. 2/5