Blob is Radical!

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Author Templex
Tags action author:templex playable rated
Created 2007-05-04
Last Modified 2007-05-05
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description The middle. You're in for a bumpy ride.

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Sub-400 AGD

Fun map :D
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Under 400 would be sexy. Pretty nice demo as it is.
Demo Data


I'm no daredevil.
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Demo Data

pretty sweet

very flowy... a little short, but whatever. 4/5.

It's fun

But a little too easy for my liking.
Demo Data

Quite fun

you should try and work on the flow, just cause you aren't incorporating curves doesn't mean you have to include all those irritating halts into the gameplay.

Other than that its fun and the mine placement is very good
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but your two newest races have just been super flowy actions, not races, in races there shouldnt be many stops.

fun anyways 3.5
Demo Data the fastest demo you'll get.
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