Look at those helpless cats.

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Author Sockmonkey
Tags author:sockmonkey playable race rated
Created 2007-05-08
by 5 people.
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Description Yea.

Ded to thedupli coz my last one sucked like hell.
Inspired by frogs too, so a semi-ded to him aswell.

Race, comment, demo and enjoy :)

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iz good

everything has to be almost precise and exact
try some of mine and see what you thing i need advice i think

I <3 frogs' maps.

And I don't know about mechtradevil, sorry.

And yea, I'm crap at Tiles...:P


Seen a couple of frogs maps, have you? Wait, didn't mechtradevil make races like this too...? Eh, it was some other person.

Anyways, this level is really fun, but I'm afraid it fails in the asthetics department. And yes, that does count for something. 3.5