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Author Gforce20
Tags amusing author:gforce20 bitesized gamelike innovative rated test
Created 2007-05-09
Last Modified 2014-08-30
by 33 people.
Map Data

Description Yes, it's Simon Says. Play just like you would normally: four lights will come up in each game, in some order. Follow the path that goes through the same order of lights (for example, if the pattern you see is 4132, go through the 4th switch first, then back to the first, then third, then second.)

Resubbed because there were lots of complaints about falling through to the one below on accident.

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first try
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Bitesizer = cool.


thank you.

This is unbelievably cute and fun.
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fun, creative


i love you much fun I had w/ this level. 4.5
Didn't lay an eye on N. I'm surprised I didn't hit the wrong key or something =D
5. Excellent job fixing that =D
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ok now its a 5

I think sub 1000 is possible
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nice map very creative