This is Your Brain on Drugs

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Author heatwave21
Tags author:heatwave21 bitesized dda hrdda nonplayable rated
Created 2007-05-09
Last Modified 2007-11-25
by 35 people.
Map Data

Description =====Hold Right DDA=====
this is by far the best DDA I have ever created. One of the lasers trims the ninja's toenails, the rockets give him a buzz cut, plus many more fantastic close calls. Here are the specifications:
~No gold delay (excluding propulsion, and even then, I only used it twice.)
~over 1500 frames
~Userlevels friendly

This was a whole lot of fun to put together. Enjoy, and comment if you rate.

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The close calls with the rockets near the wall were awesome. Worthy of the bitesize. :)

fair enough.

My next DDA is gonna be killer though.
Well I'm in the middle ground. I found it to be limitedly exciting. Your variation of propulsion was nice, though once the ninja was shot someplace new it could be pretty humdrum. But you definitely had a few great close calls, and a lot of those maneuvers looked like they required a good amount of skill to construct. But based solely on entertainment value, I give this 3/5.


Great close calls and good use of mines. I'm surprised you could use them to make close calls but you managed to do it. 4.5/5




what do you mean? both of your DDA's have been bitesized.
Because I actually have attempted DDA's before... This freaking rocks..5/5.


the only thing I have to comment about is that the parts where you stop and slide down those things is a tiny bit annoying. otherwise its a 5/5 so: 5-1/2=4 .5


I don't really mind if he faved it or not, it's just that he said that he did fave it, but he didn't. I'm perfectly happy with the bitesize.

It's all right

It wasn't spectacular or anything, but it was enjoyable to watch. There was still a lot of empty space left, and it's best to use up as much space as possible. Some parts were kind of boring, just waiting there, but some of the close calls were amazing. 2.5 is too low to give this DDA but I think 5 is too high. 4/5. No need to get all hyped up about martyr not faving, be grateful he bitesized.

And @Martyr:

Liar!! >:(
you didn't add this to your favorites.


a 2.5 from someone who has never made a DDA before? sheesh.
There's nothing special about this DDA.
there is a lot better DDA's out there and this one didnt have that amazing close calls and it was extremely predictable.

public appeal, 5avedsize
5aved, would be -sized if I could. :D


5/5 average rating on your 3rd DDA.



You're 3rd DDA and it's... woah!!



woah!! (5/5 implied)

One of

the best hold right DDAs I've ever seen. 4.5

Those were

some of the most ridiculous close calls I've ever seen. Brilliant. 5/5