The Maniac's Maze

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Author player_03
Tags author:player_03 hard playable puzzle rated
Created 2007-05-20
Last Modified 2007-12-03
by 5 people.
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Description There's only one dangerous object in this maze, and it's coming for you.

Sorry about the difficulty.

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That is tough. That is crazy! 3.


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I tried to make it easier because it is currently pretty hard. The only problem is that it can't be too easy, or else people can leave the drone far behind as they complete the level.

Also, I changed it to a puzzle.


I couldn't get past the first few corridors, so I didn't think it was worth submitting a demo. But I watched yours and it looks amazing. 5aved.

It probably qualifies more as a puzzle, though, considering the crafty tricks and fiddles you have to use to keep the drone at bay.


Another note: when you reach a checkpoint (gold), wait a little for the drone to catch up. If you don't, you will probably end up dead.
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