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Author great_sea
Tags action author:great_sea bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-06-10
Last Modified 2005-06-10
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description Those who hate rockets should enjoy this map. Have fun, and please tell me what you think.

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I can say that you were very right: I hate rockets, and I very much enjoyed this map. Here's a clumsy all-gold demo.
Demo Data


Cool. 4.45/5. So close to a five. There are just a couple of things that seem awkward or out of place.

and yes, i voted before. i did actually comment a while ago. NUMA's being buggy.


i think you forgot to rate it though, oceansblue, unless you had already done so before commenting.

hehe... I like how you and I both have aliases involving large bodies of water :D


I like this map, though I had to check the demo several times to see how to beat it, it's fun and pretty difficult (for me, at least.)

2nd pass

To clarify, by 'nothing new' I meant it was kinda generic. It's very hard to put something genuinely new in every map, of course.

3.5 for me ==> 4

These aren't my favourite kind of levels. I thought it lacked anything new. I am rounding this up to 4 though because I really do appreciate a well thought out level after playing/seeing some of the other maps that get, um, posted here. :)


Ignore my previous comment. This is the real demo.
Demo Data


Here is your basic demo.
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