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Author stepself
Tags action author:stepself bitesized bounceblocks featured kra playable rated rockets
Created 2007-05-27
Last Modified 2007-06-24
by 39 people.
Map Data

Description Oh no, another rocket/bounceblock map

This map was featured on 2011-10-12

So it is midnight and I am looking at the football stadium and it is raining soon (liar) uh (hehehehe) and so I am playing zee stepself map here that is one of my favorites again for first time in while long

Great one

Waiting for Casablanca to buffer and my god it is taking so long


Also Russian accent that sometimes goes Italian — flagmyidol

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I must say...

I am _so_ glad this included in the N 2.0 bonus levels. Such a brilliant concept and execution.


Damn it's hard
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Demo Data

first try AGD....

after about 15 other tries.
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cool []
perhaps this influenced that N+ level

oh wow

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very fun map
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wery slow agd

but this map is really really fun!
it just feels good to jump around with 4 rockets after you
it really deserves the feature!
good yob
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Demo Data

Neat idea.

I felt like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, gathering rockets instead of children. Flawless.

Love KRA maps. 5aved
are inspirational
Enough said.

love the start

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speed demo

Not much faster than the agds

Glad everyone likes this one. Don't expect too many more maps from me, but the ones I do submit will be like this one: simple, straightforward, etc...
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Most excellent.

Flawless object placing.

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faster AGD

Fun. 5
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A bit faster

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The gold and the bounceblocks are brilliantly placed. The rockets are perfect. The map is flawless.

Very, very well made.

st..stepself... !


This map, like all of yours, is amazing =/


Yeah, this is some good stuff.

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Another rocket/bounceblock map.

second try agd


you may like this map I made
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yah I know

you're still teh Aw35om3, claire...
but I'm bitesizing a legend here!
(you'll notice I didn't use too many snazzy adjectives here.)

closest ive gotten

yeh, i know.
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wow mechtra

those WERE madly insane rocketeering skills


best map I've played today, and I've already 5avedsized one, so this is the pinnacle. So much fun I BLED. 5avedsized.
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I had it going.
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these were some mad rocketeering skills.

OMG stepself. Will you sign my... maps?
you're too awesome.
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