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Author jeffkillian
Tags action author:jeffkillian bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2007-05-27
by 52 people.
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Description Been working on this one for a while now. Every so often I would sit down and edit it a little. What I want out of this are some fast demos. Any AGD would be spectacular. Its not that difficult, but still a challenge. I'll post a completion demo.

Seriously though, an all gold demo would rock my socks.

This map was featured on 2009-08-12

Doolin-Dalton isn't a map that will take your breath away with stunning visuals and cute concepts. But it stands and delivers on what matters most, (:3) game-play. The quick-jump bounce blocks just add to the fast chaotic feel of the center part of the map. Doolin-Dalton is by far the funnest map jeffkillian has pumped out since desperado.

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Great multi-route map. Faved.
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This AGD... pretty bad, but it took a while.
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great map



but the middle just isnt my thing. 4

This is wonderful

I like it alot.

Nowhere near

as slick as desperado, imo.

Seeing as

I will most likely not be able to beat mc_george, I won't bother posting my demos (unless I actually beat him). I must say though that this map is very fun and rather simple. 4


i had some mad-ass demo i made in NReality, but accidentally skipped the replay. now i have some slow, lame demo submitted instead :(

awesome feature. I enjoyed watching George's (presumably) FBF'd demo too

Expanded Desparado.

And better.


a cat smile and "funnest"? The nitpickers are gonna have a ball with this :D
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I liked it! All about the gameplay, nice feature
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This map

belongs in the game!

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I could tell this map was yours long before I read the author.
Here's a neat route for an all gold demo that went horribly awry very quickly.
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nice level...
a bit to generic
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This is..

so metanetish.. 4.5/5
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Got it, finally. I spent 3 hours making the demo.
It´s an agd. Maybe slow and n00bish, buts an agd
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this map is so easy, but so difficult.
AGD is coming today, i prmoise.


mc_george's demo works.
that last demo. I think my computer is messed up because mc_george's demo did not work.

Oh, yeah!

I beat my previous demo by almost one hundred frames.
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nice map
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All gold demo

Used naem's trick at the start :) It's somewhat reminiscent of Desperado for me.
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Old Shcool




Took me a while, but beaten.
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great map.

faster agd
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Well I'll beat it.
In the dronies. Its truly brilliant!

And Jeff

Sorry, but below I posted a 731 frame speed demo. Heh.


Bloody hell my heart is racing!

All gold!

I used a varied route, which I realised was possible after you posted you demo, Jeff!!
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Completion demo (not all gold). So far I think it's the fastest (and I messed up too.) Somebody tell me this ending is not awesome. I was one frame away from death.
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I got lucky

Real lucky. (Until I died)
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This would've been faster too. This route with the end of my last demo is probably the fastest possible route.
Demo Data

Is anyone

Able to pull off the jump that I died on?
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That was an amazing demo. I think i am going to go for speed now.