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Author Trogdor007
Tags author:trogdor007 rated test
Created 2005-06-12
by 25 people.
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Description Do I need an explanation?

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All gold demo!

But seriously, why did you put an exit and a player in the map? It's not
like it's possible to complete.

The art is good though... 4/5
Demo Data

dark demolisher

how'd you know i was working on samus?

very nice.

I think this deserves better than a three....


i like it. you gets a four :)


That must have taken, like, _forever_ to lay down.


These are kinda getting old. The mario one I gave a 4 because it was a suprise and looked very accurate. But I think you should try something different now.


In my opinion, N art shouldn't be rated as high as actual maps. And I've seen better N art than this one. However, I've also seen tackier. So I gave it a generous 2.


just didn't seem as great as others. but still pretty cool.
try Samus. but that may be a little hard.