a map with nothing on it

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Author Technochocolate
Tags action author:technochocolate easy playable unrated
Created 2007-06-09
Last Modified 2009-01-19
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Description Send me demos on how fast you can do it. the title is not a misnomer
PS: hold right like a DDA for the beginning

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Thank you Nexx

yeah i'd say ur right none of my maps i am actually serious with, wether it looks like it or not. i hate being serious with stuff it always leads to the game not being fun anymore. thanx for def on races, my first level is exactly like that, but other ones i have arent so much like that, but have nice flow so that u would want to. thanx nexx i think ill change it to action


The NOTHING is funny as hell. But as a serious map, don't write out letters with doors and don't leave the map so empty. But in any case, I think you intended this to be just a fun map, not a serious map (my apologies if I am wrong). Anyway, if it's not an obvious race map (aka flowy), only make it race if there's a time limit or something (due to thwumps, a wall of drones chasing you, gate-race, whatever). Otherwise put it under action and say you want to see someone do it fast. Of course, a time limit always encourages fast demos. (Note: Gate-race = or (Ignore that it's a test level)) Hope that helps.
it makes u look stupid. many of my maps arent great, but i have pulled some off as many ppl said, and stephan has been here longer than i have for sure
i wanted demos to see how fast ppl could get thru those things, such as the bounce blocks
the flow was bad, lack of enemies, there were bounceblocks to break the flow. overall, bad. you are lucky to have all these noobs on your side who have never played a REAL race map. 1/5.

loved the race

it was a really awsome race 4/5 =] I loved the nothing part

thanx for rating

this is a race cause i wanted to see how fast ppl could do it. if that isnt a race, what is?


Well im not sure how this is a race but its cool, well if you like races, heres a no jump race i made...