The Alphabet

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Author Tapsi
Tags author:tapsi rated test
Created 2005-06-15
by 11 people.
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Description its crazy, i know. but try it and make a demo

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1 try

Make a difficult level that takes more time.
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That was...

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to many drones

its hard enough the drones dont help
heres my demo
i missed the door the first time lol
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and have it that easy, surely?

Still, a 3/5.
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a novel idea that has been done plenty of times (though I am not going to judge it because of that alone). The map is not conducive for all gold demos, because the top-right patch of gold is awkward to get while keeping the flow of the level. The launchpads get the job done, but it doesn't seem like much time was taken when placing them or thinking of an alternate way to get to the exit. Unfortunately this would be a 2 from me, but if you fix it up it might be a three.

All gold


heres a demo

heres a demo
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