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Author rocket_thumped
Tags action author:rocket_thumped bitesized competition playable rated
Created 2007-06-13
Last Modified 2007-06-22
by 19 people.
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i can tbeat it

shoop da whoop

first time i beat this
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yeah, some of the gold bugs me
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The gold is totally worth it. Otherwise you wouldn't have all of it. ;)

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I love it. Wonderfully crafted. 4.


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I don't get the same problem with repetition on the left (demo included). And I like how it isn't obvious which way is the quickest for collecting everything on the left. I think the gold placement however is a bit off. For instance, the 2nd column is altogether much too easy to all gold, the third however is frustratingly difficult. And what nevermore said as well.
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everything about this is great, except for two things. The repetition of the left side, repeating that jump with the laser drone, could be reworked. Also, the gold placement on the far right isn't excellent - the topmost piece of gold is so not worth it. Just some things to consider.
In any case, I'm going to keep this one in my favorites. Nice job, man.
- Linus


I really <3 this map