Maison de Verre

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Author xefpi
Tags action author:xefpi playable rated
Created 2005-06-16
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Nobody rates my maps because they suck.

Chance of mortal rocket: 2.7%
Chance of more rockets in case of dead rocket: 100%

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...This isn't half bad. And forcing the player to use the cheat at the end is interesting.

Quick cheating demo

But not the fastest.
Demo Data

Oh, he knew...

There's no way to escape the one-ways without using the bug.

Uh, blackwolf?

I don't believe you.

And, as great_sea pointed out, you must be careful with the oneways.
Here's a slow demo, first try.
Demo Data


i like your maps, man. they are unique. this map was fun, but there is a way to cheat (maybe you knew).
Demo Data
You have to put at least an hour's time into it. I put about 3 hours into each recent map.