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Author josh09
Tags author:josh09 playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-06-16
by 11 people.
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Description ok. this is a new kind of map. u must choose the switch. if u choose wrong...well BOOM!!! this took a extremly long time to make. and its going to be very hard. also it can take a while to load up. constructive critique plz

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u know wat

to tell u the truth i suck at actually playing the game. so if i could beat it 3 times in a row, it would be too easy.
Yes, the map is beatable - easilly, if you want to bother writing down which switch does which.
And it does have a few bugs in - you can get both switches at once, so the 'guess which is which' idea is invalid for those ones - se my demo from my last comment.

It's an OK concept, but you would need a much faster loading map to make it worth trying. Look at this map, which was done a while ago, for a better idea of this sort of map. But in general, this sort of map is not appreciated.:


first off, please calm down. Play some of Tktktk, Littleviking001, and lucidium's maps. They have a simple style that is fun and quick. Long drawn out maps aren't very fun for most people. ALso, the load time is long even on my PC (which is very fast) so try not to put too many objects in your maps. I can tell this took you a while, but that doesn't garuntee it is good. take the time to make sure you can beat it three times in a row, then you know it's got good dificulty if you want an easy map. 2 times out of 5 if you want a hard map. I liked the concept to some extent, but instead of dieing if you pick the wrong switch, have it so the map gets harder. Then it's not so bad and you don't have to reload if you choose wrong.


so this is wat i get. i work and work and work and then i contiueously test to make sure there are no bugs. i hope u got wat u wanted, u turn a ambitious neuwbie into a user who is bitter towards everyone on this sight. ill still work hard and make maps, but u have another thing coming if u thnk ill ever vote over than 1 for ur maps

oh yeah

nieldo i would not talk wat maps suck beacause u have not made any


big mansay my map sucks. that makes u 0.0000001% cooler. o yeah by the way, did u fail kindergarden cause then u cant read that i said CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIQUE ONLY!!!!!
i swear


don't make maps were the ONLY way to win is guess and check. It's a bad bad way to make a long loading level.


ur just saying that because u cant take the fact u cant beat it

waste of time

this sort of map is just silly. Especially this one - where it takes ages to re-load after each inevitable death. Often you can just get both switches without dying, which is against the design, but is actually a good thing, but apart from that this map is cluttered and generally bad. Sorry. 2/5
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