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Author KURURU966
Tags author:kururu966 dda rated
Created 2005-06-16
by 16 people.
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Description SOMEtimes i dont wanna play, just whatch an endless lvl. here is that lvl! just RELAX and whatch Ned fly around with the rocket and die. if u get bored hit a few keys and send him in a different direction! when u write the comments dont say "this lvl is crap" "ned dies at the end". (that may have sounded gay, but i swear, im straight)

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Looks - 4/5
Gameplay - 4/5
Total - 8/10 = 4/5

That'll get your ratings up ^_^
"this lvl is crap"


this was a very easy level to keep the rocket alive. pretty boring, because all you used were launch pads.
too many launch pads.
and N dies at the end.

Grade C

-1 for nothing exept a rocket -1 for no alternate movement methods


if i make a relly good lvl and make it funny, will u give me 10?


I saw the map. Two for making me laugh, zero for it being boring. That'll be a 1/5




i give u a 2 for the concept k?


look at ur map? and did u read the description??


he dies and too many pads look at my map