1 minute wonder

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Author wedgie123
Tags author:wedgie123 dda rated
Created 2005-06-17
by 58 people.
Map Data

Description its about 57 seconds to be precise by meh. i know ive overused jump-pads but i wanted that style. ive also noticed that i have a thing for circular levels lol.
plese tell me what you think. :D

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I can see why rocket dodger ddas have gotten worse since this map. 5

I died.

But it was pretty good. 4.5


Is he supposed to go through the finish door or die?


5/5aved definately. It's like a wasp's nest and there are lots of wasps trying to get the ninja. I love the way the rockets seem to swarm about him. Amazing.


Amazing how many close calls there were. Who cares about lauchpads?!?! This map was awesome!!! 5aved
lol who cares about too many launchpads... with that many close calls this is the best dda period


Everything is just in perfect timing and it makes me laugh how the rockets are chasing the lights out of N. i wish that there was a switch for the door to open so that N doesn't die by the thumwp and if there was a exit switch then i wasn't looking hard enough.

And the 2 cheat death was cool but i seen do 20 cheat death
5/5 for you.
but for you, it was art...a beautiful creation of *continues poetically for about a minute(57 seconds to be exact*. Anyways, i especially loved the part where the ninja followed the rockets upwards and wove between them...all in all, great job.

Very nice

5/5. I would have faved it too were it not for the cheated deaths.


I agree that u've kinda overused launchpads, but wow, this was awesome. Nice close calls with those rockets. nice tileset too


Absolutely amazing, mate!


I like it 4.5/5
You have a mess of jump pads like me but I have lower rating and my rocket goes through his leg =\




LOTS OF ROCKETS. next time, try to make it work in user levels and dont let the rockets die.


full marks. Well done.

That was mindblowing


amazing going around all those rockets...


for the comments guys. the few cheating death parts happened by accident too lol but i kept them in. thanks for the votes too :)


I was considering a 4, but this won.

Ummmmmm... I really liked it, but I would've preffered it without the cheating death effect. After all of the close calls, it seemed a bit like cheating. But meh- a 5/5 anyway.


It must have been a pain to avoid all those rockets all the time. Yes, it's mostly launchpads and a bit of the much-reviled gold-delay, but I'm impressed by the pretty tileset.

Perhaps the era of intricate-yet-ugly DDAs is ending?


this awesome DDA and it gets 3.5/5? that's an outrage!
it's a great DDA. great timing, entertaining, and i like the tiles.

i loved it.

so many rockets. so. many. rockets.
a rare 5/5.


The rocket goes through his head at one point. Cheating death works too. Fantastic.

However, it's kinda sketchy, and not revolutionary. I believe this is worthy of a solid 4.5, rounded down to a 4.


was awesome. great job. 57 seconds of pure intensity.
lol kidding nice little DDA i loved how u actually planned and used every single pad unlike other poeple 4/5