Beauty Sound Love Dogs

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Author Mechtradevil
Tags action author:mechtradevil bitesized jump mines playable rated simple
Created 2007-07-06
Last Modified 2007-07-06
by 10 people.
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Description I <3 this map.

It's open enough to let in some soul.

edit: chainguns changed to rockets

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lol, really nice, enjoyed this alot, awesome map, for some reason I went stupid everytime I reached the bottom half, which took me longer then the top half O_O faved
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and see how you got it so much faster than mine.
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but a cool demo.
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under 1.5k
im sure there are still better routes, like getting the 5th switch thats under the block.. but this is the fastest i can find.
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can go faster.
still working on my flow at the top. awesome map though. 5/5aved
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agd... This...

is a really cool level... I still need to look at your flow... mine got broken when I lost the launchpad... but I think I did alright anyways...
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I'll Fave this and play it when i'm back form my holiday, in a week and a half.

NR until then.
I just meant that you should change the placement of the chainguns so that they are able to hit you easier. How they used to be, they didn't really do much. But the rockets work as well.

changed em

and now this is the working demo, with a different flow path. actually, both demos probly still work.
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would you suggest

that I do something with the chainguns or on the bottom part to make it more drastic? as it is now, the chainguns are kind of part of that relaxing feel. But they could be changed.


The only thing I don't like is that the chainguns don't really do much. This map has a great feel; it's very calming. 4

I messed around

and this flow path is way cool.
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