Time, Money, Eclipse

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Author Mechtradevil
Tags action all-gold author:mechtradevil playable rated simple song
Created 2007-07-07
Last Modified 2007-07-07
by 7 people.
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Description Haha... you can see what this is based off of.
Pink floyd is god.
You can't "grow out of Pink Floyd" as someone told me.

I had fun making this map; did you have fun playing it? Rate, comment, and enjoy.

Ded for fastest AGD.

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Very inspirational map, faved.

that was really fun! enjoyed it alot, faved
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i like it...

especially the beginning.

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Awesome, dude.

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where's the demo... yeah, AG is hard. Which is why, starting now.. a ded for the fastest.


cant b assed to do AGD
due to my rocket positioning... but completion should be a snap! compete?

AGD below babes.
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