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Author Mechtradevil
Tags action author:mechtradevil playable rated toe vent
Created 2007-07-07
Last Modified 2007-07-07
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description Vent w/ Fingersonthefrets!

rules/guidelines were:

1. Some thwumps or floorguards
2. Bounceblocks
3. 1-2 rockets
4. Minimalistic qualities
5. Use of locked doors
6. Use of trapdoors
7. Artistic gold placement
8. As a condition, our levels are dedicated to each other.

So, it's a ded to fingersonthefrets!

Please play, demo, comment, and rate. Enjoy!



(tileset n-art)

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really nice, I was very hesitant throughout lol, and I never really felt that way in other maps, which is a good thing, nice work!
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not to complain

but I'm not sure you're compatible with my mapmaking style..

Thanks for the comment.
2/5. i kinda think everything didn't work out, i was stumbling all over.
did you see your ded btw?
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...sorry that i didnt respond fast on your request to make a colab map i was partying for a while yesterday...i would love to make a colab ...ill start on it today
but you can see how it's done. get teh trapdoor j00 n00bs!
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first door demo

watch and enjoy.
Demo Data

double switch AGD

enjoy... post your own demos. It is possible to win on all three doors.
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