Dream Guardian

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Author apg
Tags author:apg experimental featured mnnml no-exit one-ways playable rated
Created 2007-07-09
Last Modified 2007-07-09
by 19 people.
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Description Where dreams come from.

- Monday Night NUMA Map League Season 2 -
- Week #003, Theme: Bounceblocks or One ways -

This map was featured on 2008-10-23

Y'know what a cool, sunny afternoon at a park is like, not doing much of anything, just enjoying the day?

Dream Guardian is like that. It doesn't have an exit, there's nothing you need to get. Most maps yell, "DON'T FORGET ABOUT THERE WATCH OUT FOR THAT HURRY IF YOU DON'T GET PAST IN 10 SECONDS YOU LOSE," Dream Guardian, displaying apg's typical mastery of atmosphere, rather seems to whisper: "Say, there looks interesting, or you could grab that gold, or something else, it's really your choice, just enjoy." And there's not much sweeter than that after too many triple-KRA-drone-race-laser-puzzles. — gloomp

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You sort of don't know where you're going, yet wherever you choose to go always gets you somewhere.

Sorry for being too in-depth, but that's the feeling I got.
As it is a great map. I love the atmosphere apg creates in his maps, and I love the way this map gives a feeling of exploration. 4/5 and faved.

Sorry, sorry.

*Sigh* I knew I'd regret that, but I felt that even though I knew I would, for once I was going to put it out there and get my emotions down. It was rash and unwise, especially not knowing all the facts, but this whole fiasco still bothers me. I realize that you probably couldn't do anything different, but when it doesn't even work that well at what you were try- Wait, no, not letting that happen again.

*Sigh again* I guess you did the best you could, though I really would've been happier if you'd announced your plans in advance; I would've been happy to simply delete my review after saving it, and reinstating it after TMR had been Featured. That way, TMR would've gotten the full day it deserved, and the other maps would too.

No sense crying over spilled Features, though.


I'm not sure how attempting to solve an issue without access to the back-end could be considered 'filthy'. The code is broken and the only person who can fix that is Arachnid (who is proving difficult to get response from atm).

I tell you what: next time there's an issue I'll just ignore it instead of working my best with what I've got.

I wouldn't worry, I'm sure you'll find another way to parade your ignorance about in public.

agd death.

very fun. 3.5 up.
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It's like a maze.


This really deserves to get attention, or else WHY WOULD I FEATURE IT? But of course it gets passed right the fuck through to the list, garnering 3 comments from two people.

No, that's wrong. I will not stand by and let this awesome level just be passed by like another beggar. I'm probably gonna regret writing this, but I want people to know how steamed I am.

I'm sorry, it was annoying me too, atob, but this is a filthy move.

I just plain didn't enjoy this map, design is creative, but seems cluttered.
out of the feature triplets today.


3 maps got featured

on the same day..
supposed to be featured??


what the hell happened to my review?



I like this

good choice, sure to cause controversy. :D
This a wonderful map. Featured, 100 words. 5aved



ive given up on AGD

4/5. very good for messing around.
Here's what I got up to. I was planning to all-gold it. Um, I don't know what my great plan was when I died at the end there.
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