Unnecessary Complications

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Author Twistkill
Tags author:twistkill difficult fun open rated simple
Created 2007-07-15
by 13 people.
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Description Well, I just came up with this in half an hour. I realize it's not very pretty, but I do not care. People should judge action maps based on how fun and well planned they are - not on how smooth the level looks.

It is slightly more difficult than some of my other maps, so please take note of that. Some speed AGDs please. :)

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I agree.

It's a very nice



its good...very good it should be a level in the main game of n.


Forgot to add it in the title...

It's a very nice

Some of the mine placement obstructed the flow a little though. Otherwise, it was a very enjoyable map. 4/5


Looks quite pretty to me. Certainly not ugly.


There should be an "as" between "high" and "if", but I'm sure you get what I was trying to say.


its got a kinda flow to it with interesting paths.



I'd definitely say that people should still judge the aesthetics of an action map, -as well- as the other categories. I mean, if a map is super fun to play but it looks like shit, I'm not going to rate it as high if it was super fun to play and it looked wonderful.


So my style is apparently flowy action maps? They seem like action/race hybrids...

I'm too redundant in this style I use, and I've been trying to break that because it ends up in a linear level that only has one route and it therefore feels short and silly...
easy doesnt mean its not good, if you want to make it harder find less aggravating flow stopping enemies to put in places

I like it.

Except for the upper floorguard, but it adds a nice twist.


Then it would be too easy...


cut about half the thwumps and it would be a hell of a lot funner


Yeah. Playing this over and over gave me a better feel for the level. I had already played a couple times before I first commented but was still kinda unsure about it. I'd stick with a 3.5/5.
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I do agree that TwistKill is a very well-rounded mapmaker. I just took it the wrong way. Sorry mechtradevil. =[

No hard feelings?



I rate maps based on the connection between aesthetic VALUE and gameplay, tied in w/ effectiveness of enemies, and the use of the map area/other objects, as well as on a sort of 1/10 "fun factor". It's kind of complicated but I don't subscribe either to a noob type of rating or an elitist type of rating or just a mechanical, perfectly-accurate type of rating. I view it as efficient rather than generous.
Although I don't take that badly, frogs.

I suppose this all seems a little defensive but really I've just selfishly seized this opportunity to explain my system of commenting/rating. I'm sorry Twistkill. Back to the map.

I may produce a completion demo in a moment if you can stand for me to post any more.


I realize that I contradict myself when I say "I don't have the time" yet I type up a large comment like that. I have time NOW, just not sometimes. :P


If that's how he decided to word his comment, so be it. Although, I think it's mostly because Mechtradevil gives generous ratings in general. Not that I have a problem with that, or anything.


I take your comment, Max_Ride as a sarcastic implication that I don't rate very accurately... which is not true.
I'd like to think that's NOT what you meant, but that's how it came across anyway. I think this is a good map; otherwise I would NOT have rated above a 3/5.

It's just that mostly when I comment on a map and a couple things glare out at me as faults (In my opinion), then I point them out and maybe say what I thought could have been better. Sometimes I don't take the time to say what I thought was really fun about the level. I suppose I ought to fix that but occasionally I just don't have the time.

So basically, Twistkill's not a lucky guy, more like a good mapmaker maybe? And this particular map is certainly enjoyable enough to merit a 3.5/5. I.E. ABOVE above-average. I do know how to rate.

All gold demo.

I really enjoyed this.
Demo Data
From the way your description sounds, I would have thought you were going to rate a 2.5 or 3.

Lucky you twistkill

*is confused*

not sure I like this one... just a general feeling. It's put together ok, but while the tiles look just fine, they didn't give me a good sense of flow. It became slightly more fun after a couple tries.
And level as well.