The Last Of An Episode

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Author Sweep
Tags action author:sweep playable rated
Created 2005-06-24
Last Modified 2005-06-24
by 10 people.
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Description A bounce-block jump map. I figure this'd be a really good end to an episode where you're running out of time and you had to rush.

Fastest time wins... the satisfaction of winning. (post your fastest)

Good luck.

Bonus points for not hitting the mine at the end.

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double jumps ftw :D


But 'twas my fourth try.
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That's how we all make these mega-jumps


Is it just me or if you change direction quickly on bounceblocks you can jump a lot higher?


yeah great-sea thats something i hate, ive made so many new routes in the highscores but no-one will ever know lol
Shame you didn't get all gold though...
: D

nice, wedgie

at least I can rest with the knowledge that I was the one who innovated that route :)

ha ha ha


cheers great_sea, bonus too! :)
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hah! nobody saw this before! :P
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still fastest but slower than my last demo but this time with bonus :)
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Lots of fun, especially for such a simple concept. My time isn't as good as some others but here's a demo anyhow.
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faster than trib4l ha ha. no bonus points though :(
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With bonus points :)
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Here is my demo... Lots faster :D (and I didn't hit the mine at the end ;))
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Quite fast run

I did it before without bouncing twice on the second bounceblock, but I lost the demo... shame really.
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