Lost Control

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Author apg
Tags action author:apg bitesized playable rated rocket-dodging self-consciousness simplicity
Created 2007-07-20
by 17 people.
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Description Do you ever feel like you're the one trying to make a difference, while the others attempt to bring you down?

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Great map
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Amazing. Style.

4/5 again

Found this on random.
Faved now. ^_^


quite fun when you try for all gold
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first try

happens to be an all gold. +++ map
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And especially for the comments, they're very helpful.
But seriously, two rockets is just taking the piss really. In such a tight space, and even in the open-ness up top, they just make this much more difficult than it needs to be and really detracts from what could have been a nigh on perfect map.
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This is brilliant stuff. Plays like a charm. 5 ninjas; added to favourites.
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Wow, mr_pac,

that was fast.
I suggest this route for maximum enjoyment.
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