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Author moshpit2010
Tags action author:moshpit2010 bitesized featured laser mosh open playable rated
Created 2007-07-23
Last Modified 2007-07-23
by 43 people.
Map Data

Description Making lines out of lines is linear.

Comments and critique are greatly appreciated.


This map was featured on 2009-01-25

No matter how corny this sounds, everyone is different in their own special way. Everyone likes different things, eats different foods, thinks different people look good, and some people even have different names, no matter how hard it is to believe. This map is different. Its simplicity is astounding, making me spew out the grapes I was eating all over my monitor. I recommend you play it, while I clean up my monitor. — turtles

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but to be honest, I can't be bothered trying for faster
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good map
ps. i love you<3


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but a bit fun 3.5^

slow agd
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Not all that hard,

But fun.
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slow agd

pretty simple
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Cheated lol

It's possible to recover from falling to the bottom of the map! I play. I exploit. I triumph!
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i dunno

if im playing it right or what but i do not think it is as good as everyone is making it out to be. Perhaps I am not getting the most of out of that I could be but for me it just didnt make me go WOW or anything. You go down, doge the laser, grab the door switch, climb up the wall then jump off it. go to the exit and your done. Not really worth a feature but I guess all those ppl cant be wrong. Ill give it a 3 (3.5)


is exceptional. 5/5
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Lovin' It.

You outdid yourself. Not the greatest short map out of the bunch, but satisfying, nonetheless.

Even faster AGD


Let's see if someone gets a sub-500.
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Faster AGD

not seen moshpit in a while...
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really sticky now.


I saw this before it was featured, I liked it then and I like it now. I especially like the single peice of gold below the overhang, it adds a sense of needing to foward plan, if that makes any sense.


like the start of an idea rather than a satisfying short map. There's no real charm to it, which is needed for something shorter like this imo.

Fastest AGD

Great map
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Add a laser drone, go to the edit menu, look at the level code in the box, the code for laser drone always starts with 6^x,y,..... Remove the last digit of the laser drone and load the map.
How you make lazer drone stay in it's place.????
Some body answer????!!!

Best of the Best

One of the best maps I've seen in a while....
Great job..5/5
Best of the best..
And yet,it's very simple...
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moshpit is deserving of a feature indeed.


I love this map. Critique? Definetely no critique :)

555 AGD

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Fastish AGD

See what you think.
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Fun. :)

Not too amazing

for a featured map. 3


i like the review.
the concept of simplicity is great
not because other people like it ^_^

As for me, well, I liked it somewhat. The simplicity is great, but imo it's a bit too simple, and the gold is ugly. 3.5^
But I really really like it.

What's the idea?

This map is very nice and fun to play, but is very easy for create it and for play it. This map has an average tileset and few obstacles and enemies.


I dont see the

greatness in this...



It's good, no doubt about that. Simplistic, and quite easy. Might just be me but I wouldn't say it's amazing though, 4.5.

slow AGD, don't hate it because of it's supreme slowness.
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Faster AGD

5/5, really loved the layout.
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I like it. Nice and open, and that laser drone is a real pain if you go for gold. :D 4/5.

slow AGD

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that I will NEVER un-bitesize this, even if its rating falls to a 2.5
you got one person to love your map
be happy


pssh. that's not why I play a map. I play it for enjoyment. Not to throw my laptop against the wall and have to pay thousands of dollars.
no problem


4/5, I didnt like the 'bumps'but other than that, great
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Thanks, mates.

It was designed for fun, and for addictiveness. I'm glad you liked it.

And thanks, Turtle. ^_^