Subterranean Homesick Alien

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Author rocket_thumped
Tags author:rocket_thumped featured medium playable race rated rockets
Created 2007-07-27
by 75 people.
Map Data

Description I'd tell all my friends but they'd never believe me,
They'd think that I'd finally lost it completely.
I'd show them the stars and the meaning of life.
They'd shut me away.
But I'd be alright, alright,
I'd be alright,
I'm alright.

This map was featured on 2008-10-07

I'd tell all my friends about the beauty of this map but they'd never believe me. The tiles offer hints of flow and connection while the object placement offers clues as to which way to go. After experimenting for a good 15 minutes, trial and error after error after error led me to the route for this map and increased the gameplay tenfold.

Because we rely a lot on demos for races these days, I'd suggest playing this map without looking at one. The end result of finishing this race is worth every minute of avid discovery. — origami_alligator

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Completed for the first time (since long long ago) as I listened to the song for the first time.
One of the first maps I remember enjoying.
This is why n will always be my favorite game.
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old school awesomeness. They just don't make them like this anymore.


With a capital A

the pure lenght of this race deserves a high rating, but the perfect use of open space and the super-smooth flow put the lid on it.

That said it looks really ugly. But who cares? 5.


smoothest race EVER!!!! 6/5!!!

what can i say?



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love this map.
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My second favourite race map.
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Chek out the demo

i guess i took the wrong path

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the use of space
it seems pretty much all of it was used
skipped a lot of it
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I've told myself twenty-odd times now that this will be the last time before I go to bed that I play this map. Hasn't worked. But wow. This map is AWESOME fun. Definite 5/5aved from me. I love it. Wicked use of space and objects, it's like playing three different maps with the same tiles.

i like

how you can mess up and still keep going with the flow


I like how the tiles are used only when they are needed, and not for aesthetics. I hate when there's a little hole in the wall...
excellent. It WAS ugly, though.

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ah yes

always loved this one.

but, as usual, i have a complaint. if a 'loopy' race is featured why not a MARIJNENANDRIES race? he STILL has no features.

returning to this

wow. this is brilliant, it may be a bit loopy and whatever, but you've pulled it off to well for me to care. 5.
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Very fun.
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Loved the multiple paths, use of one ways is brilliant.


wow i got addicted even though it was like watching a replay tape of me constantly dying. but unlike other levels where i constantly die, i liked it. strangely enough, thats a 5.
Best race map (in fact, best map) I've ever played. I'm favouriting this.
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skipped a bit

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best flowing race I've ever played. 5aved.


flying through the air
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yungerkid is laffs

i chuckled.

First try AGD.

I accidentally did a loop with the top-right once.

Not bad, the use of space was great.
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so did i

but that was years ago

I missed somethig,

didn't I?
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very long

always fun. 5
Still full of greatness.
this was fantastic, 5/5 from me. Also, good song (Great while stoned).


I love that the flow comes out of nowhere

I noticed that too

That's so original.
I love the fact that if you miss the top right loop, the track actually takes you back there, as if to tell you that you missed a bit. Class design.


i thought i had beaten it, but i didnt :(


Great flow, fast pace, good number of enemies, overall great race. 5aved.
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I love how you used all the space in such a great way. I feel like the ninja really explores the entire map fully and that danger is ever-present but never overwhelming.


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