Be Your Own Prince Charming

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Author Jugglekid
Tags action author:jugglekid cookies drone-paths easyish fun playable rated simple yum
Created 2007-07-28
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description A new idea for me.
Pretty interesting. Very fun.

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Yea, the drones are a bit sterile, but they still add challenge, even if the challenge is stale and predictable.

4.5 and faved

very fun and very versatile as mechtra said, I quite liked the drone-paths too.
sluggish AGD:
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faster AGD

i changed my mind(i found better route)...the drone-paths are good. 4/5
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i didn't really like drone-paths. but the tileset is good.
i'll play it few more times and rate it later.
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extremely fun and crazy figuring out the best path to do this. I could probably even come up with three or four better AGD's if I tried... a very versatile and enjoyable map.
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