Eclectic Slum Run

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Author wulfgang
Tags action author:wulfgang medium playable rated
Created 2007-07-30
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description A homage to the legacy map "Electric Slum Run". I borrowed the concept but widened the tunnels and the gameplay turned out quite different.
Going for speed runs is the main challenge. If you play it slow nothing can touch you.

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Let me take back my words, after 2,5 years without N this is quite challenging lol.
agd first try :)


gold..nice map
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Hey cool

I can comment now, it wasn't letting me last night.
Nice demo fingersonfrets
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i rated 3.5

im pretty sure it was sniped
I think it's worth 4.25
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Demo Data

That's the only map I actually remembered, from the Legacy <_<


i lost my speed demo. =[