Reel in the rockets

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Author turtles
Tags author:turtles dda rated
Created 2007-08-02
Last Modified 2007-08-02
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description A fun little dda. Shows how to make rockets go through walls, and it has multiple times for each rocket that the rocket goes litterally through the walls. Quite fun to watch. Im not sure if it's finished

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Are you kidding me?

Don't talk if you're unaware of just how much shit is spewing out of your mouth as you do so.

Mech, not sure why your bitching about being sniped on someone else's maps, and also as to why you think anyone realy... cares?

I want to die

my maps just keep getting sniped and sniped and sniped.. I don't even have time to get on and make more maps anyway...

done b4

but good job