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Author turtles
Tags action agdfun author:turtles metanetish mourning unrated
Created 2007-08-03
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Description This is a REALLY relaxing map. It is very easy to compelte, and just trying to get a really fast all gold demo, and succeeding without too much difficulty, proves it. I would know. I just spent three hours making a dda that suddenly and tragically stopped working. Im not sure why. I may submit its 800 frames of remains soon, but it was a minute long. For those of you who live in Canada, Australia, and England, that would be about a minute long. Yup, that's enough translation. I'll let you guys play it. Fastest all gold demo by the end of the month will receive a ded. They can pick what kind of map i should make. just not a dda.

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it has been the end of the month for almost 2 months now. where is it?


'tis really quite relaxing indeed. really gets the chi flowing. though it is a tad repetitive, mind you.

three point five
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