Towers of Wib

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Author Sendy
Tags approved author:sendy bitesized chainguns cuddly featured gold goldy ilovenuma loveable one-ways playable pretty race-ish rated rockets sexy thwumps towers wib
Created 2007-08-04
Last Modified 2007-08-04
by 31 people.
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Description 400th map.


This map was featured on 2010-04-07

Leonard couldn't do it. Every time he cleaned the windows, he would either be spit on or bombarded by seemingly-homing paper planes. These towers had dangerous elevator systems too. Once his task was complete, he had to clean the park of yellow sweet wrappers and avoid stepping on glass shards strewn all over the place - all the while avoiding the slingshot delinquent and the raging drunk. Only then could he cross the bridge to collect his house keys. Well, that's too much for Leonard in one day. He couldn't do it. Not in Wib City. — seven_two

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11 down

399 to go
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crappy agd

with a lucky break from the chain, nice
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I think

no one has so far said that the review was quite nice.

sub-1000 completion

quite fun, the rockets are sublime.
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Nice Towers ;)
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This is great

Challenging, fun, and addictive. Best feature in quite a while. 5avedeaturedbitesizeduserleveled.

Faster AGD. :D
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Demo Data


very proud of a rocket dodge in this demo
very very very proud
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found it decent.


Gameplay was average, the gold wasn't much of a challenge, and I found the chaingun to be highly ineffective (for me, at least). The one thing I did like, though, was the aesthetics. And that, I believe, makes an important difference. 3/5


sendy, ill continue beating them but the next levels i hope them to be more challenging. i want the "love sessions-levels-type". that hard.


PD: i dedicate this level and my demo to my friend "colas" jaja si guacha, te re cabe mi demo pq soy el rey aca.. grr
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this is just as fun dodging as the map itself! *Anti-sniped*
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Rocket Revolution?

..see demo
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Cool map

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May they bang their toes into many a sharp metal object!

Thanks for the feedback. Idiots have rendered the rating feedback system unworkable.

I agree.

It's like having an adventure. Well, most of your maps seem to feel that way, but this one's even more so.

Thing is

I bet most that rated this low didn't spend enough time to attempt an agd.. you need to *really* play this to realize how dreamy it is.

*rave rave rave rave*


According to the rating, my worst map in about a year! :>


I got freakin' lucky with the rocket.
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And happy 400th



That made me feel like I had something to prove...

I hate you for making this map.

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Lots of it.

Fav'd and bitten.
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One way of many.
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