Under Attack

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Author apg
Tags arena author:apg bitesized changing contest enemies gausses playable rated
Created 2007-08-09
by 12 people.
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Description Damn right we are, Sherlock.

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Best I Can Manage

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But fun. 4.5


Tileset: 3.5/5. The simplicity looks nice.
Fun: 8/10. I played repeatedly many, many times.
Enemy Use: 7.5/10. They were place just right. Maybe a little too hard at times though.

Total: 19/25
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I love it.

Awesome stuff

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nice and simple, 3.5

you know if you did a map pack with this new style of yours it would be amazing
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AGD impossible

other than that nice map, 3/5


was goign for a AGD.. but:

1. 2 gold are not possible to get?
2. My demo: Death AGD -1 (or 3, but those are inpossible to get)

4.5, really simple, really fun for me
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