The Haymaker

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Author martyr
Tags author:martyr collab collaboration playable rated survival
Created 2007-08-15
Last Modified 2007-08-15
by 17 people.
Map Data

Description Best survival i made. uses false tiles. Press 'J' before loading.

A collab with Myself.

Longest demo with a Rate and comment gets ded.

Uncheatabuliffyed and Rezurecturectifyed.

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My lame demo.

Awesome map.
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Third prize

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can u guys tell me what ded is? im new on numa :/

nice map

i made one with same concept
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whoo hoo

what a strange little concept. i'm dizzy from all the bouncing. fun little survival. i'm usually not one for survivals but i couldn't stop playing this one
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Best demo

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...Nice level...

...and concept...


...Most frames...
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Demo Data

There you go.
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Demo Data

It's pretty quirky I say, I really like it.
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Its cheatable

Granted, I died, but its possible to do that.

Anyway, I disagree with seven_two. He obviously hasn't played it enough. Noob.

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Too hard.