Psychotic Mined Games II - Slope Psychosis

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Author Sendy
Tags 1-tiles author:sendy bitesized discipline featured gauntlet get-rich-quick jumper jumper-puzzle linear mines neato playable please-may-i-have-another progressive puzzle rated rawr sado sequel slopes tag-abuse timing training
Created 2007-08-15
Last Modified 2007-08-16
by 122 people.
Map Data

Description Well I had to cash in and do a cheap spinoff since the first map was a roaring success. I don't believe it's possible to have a bad relationship with this map.

Dedicated to HUH? for giving me the idea.

Sequel to this map:

Lots of objecxts, but they're all mines. MINES!
(Well, mostly...)

As usual the exit occasionally becomes an obstacle to longplayers, just like in the original.

This map was featured on 2014-09-13

In “Psychotic Mined Games II - Slope Psychosis”, Sendy rekindles her sadistic streak with a sequel to the notoriously difficult original [], which has since been featured and included in N 2.0. Like the original, the player is given the option to bail out with as much gold as they dare collect, however, the momentum shifts caused by the sloped tiles can flummox even the most seasoned player. The challenging and varied jumps and faithfulness to the original make this a worthy successor and—more importantly—a very useful training tool for players looking to improve their slope jumping. — ska

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And what a beautiful map it is.
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in the last 2 years anywaysies
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Completing this map feels really weird, since I've been coming back to this map for more than 7 years now and I've never been able to complete this. This is cathartic in a way.
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...or Yahoozy's mum.

it took

7 years for this to get featured
...back in August 2008.

If anyone had asked me when I thought the Feature system took over from Bitesizing on NUMA I'd have guessed at late 2010 at the earliest.


Anyhow, the fact that both of these maps have now been both bitesized and featured shows just how good they are. Great choice, ska.


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Sub-2000 AGD

Demo Data
Demo Data


but not quite there
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was fun to give a bit of a replay though.
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Psychotic Mined Games has 222 rates
Psychotic Mined Games II has 111 rates


Nice levle dude! 4/5
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made it halfway!!

4/5. Needs some touching up
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100 Rates!

really good

but i must point out the one and only falter in this, when you come two the second door, it is not about minedodging, but avoiding the door switch, not mines


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omg.. hate this soo much! i had the chillz
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Here you are!

Demo Data
but it was a first try
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4th door run.

Demo Data
that is SO DANG HARD...

... but you just can't stop playing it and you LOVE it!!!

Man, I stink

Only got to the first goal...

However, it looks awesome, if only I was better, I would enjoy it more. For now, I give it a 4/5, but when I actually become better, probably a 5.

P.S. Good idea with the multiple goal thing, it reminds me of "race to the finish" from original Super Smash Brothers.
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5 man. Ok, maybe it's not flawless or perfect, but this is a great map...


Well I can get to the bottom-left perfectly each time with gold... =(

Great level, 5/5!
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Run of the Year perhaps?
That was AMAZING

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tag-abuse tag made me giggle.


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Demo Data


not today cause i have completede 2 sendy's levels today so im kinda exhausted. but give me some time and ill complete it.

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super-speedy max completion. This map really flows in some places; it's awesome.
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Fenneth, you are a god at this game.

Completion demo

Just to prove I did. It didn't take me all that long but I was concentrating so hard my eyeballs dried out; I think I forgot to blink :(

Not even going to try going after ska and bonzai, I'll drive myself insane..
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The part of the map I hate the most.

Oh jiggle-wiggles.

I keep dieing a quarter way through it. Everyone's right... Your maps are too addictive.

There's only one thing I don't like about this map. When making the tileset, were you drunk? It's not too bad, but it could be better.

Four and a half Ninjas! W00000T ROCKZZZZ !!! !!!!!!@@!!


And I thought I was doing so good...
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